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Watermelon Gazpacho Recipe:

• Skinned, Rough chopped Red seedless watermelon- ½ gallon
• Rough chopped peeled red onions- ½ cup
• Rough chopped red bell peppers- ½ cup
• Rough chopped peeled and seeded English Cucumber- ½ cup
• Rough chopped red plum tomato- ½ cup
• Rough chopped, seeded jalapeno pepper- 2ea.
• Picked fresh, washed cilantro leaves- 1 cup
• Picked fresh, mint leaves- 2 cups
• Freshly squeezed orange juice- 2 cups
• Freshly squeezed lime juice- ½ cup
• Chester county lavender honey- ½ cup
• Ground cumin- 1 tbsp
• Ground coriander- 1 tbsp.
• Kosher salt- 3 tbsp.
• Ground black pepper- 1 tbsp.
• Pomegranate juice- 1 cup
In large stockpot add all ingredients. Puree till smooth using a hand blender. Or, add in batches to a food processor and blend till smooth. This recipe makes approximately 1 gallon. To serve Gazpacho, ladle into small cups or shot glasses.