By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As you kick off the summer grilling season, remember barbecuing has been linked to some cancers.

You can grill safely and healthy according to Amanda Agamy who is a registered dietician at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia.

“If you are going to be eating meats, make sure that you are not overcooking them so that they develop that black charriness that people typically think of when they grill food.”

She also urges backyard chefs to avoid processed meats.

“Things like hot dogs, sausages, prepared hamburgers. These specific foods can release cancer causing compounds. When we’re talking about processed meats, we see an increase in colon cancer and an increase in heart disease and high blood pressure.”

So what can you throw on the barbecue? Lean meats, chicken, fish, fruits and veggies.