By Jim Donovan: Sometimes I feel as if I am talking to a wall. After all, when I speak to all my peeps out in TV Land it’s not like anyone answers me back. But every so often I get glimmer of hope that there are people that are actually listening, and taking my advice. Apparently on at least one recent story, quite a number of people took my advice.

I’ve received word from the Pennsylvania Treasury that as a result of my recent unclaimed cash story, a bunch of folks in our area are a little bit richer. In fact the Treasury tells me that over a 72 hour time period 7106 people filed claims to get back cash and property totaling, get this….$3,451,231. That’s right, almost 3 and a half million bucks. Not bad for a two minute news story! When you add that to the $5.7 million we helped return last year, I like to think I’m on a roll. (I set a nationwide record with last years story)

While I worked directly with the PA Treasury on this most recent story and they tracked the claims for me, I also instructed viewers how to check for unclaimed cash in NJ, DE, NY and 38 other states. If you didn’t check to see if your name is on a list, maybe you should, you might be surprised. No need to thank me. Just wave at me when I pop up on your TV set.

By the way, NEVER EVER pay any money for a company to help you get back any unclaimed property. You can do it on your own, and not shell out a cent.



New Jersey and 38 other states:

New York: