By Mike Dunn

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A move in City Council to let you fight parking tickets without having to show up in person is being tweaked today in advance of a final vote later this month.

Councilman Bill Green originally proposed three new ways to fight parking tickets: online, on the phone or through the mail.  But the mayor’s office wants telephone hearings taken out.

“The administration has requested that we remove the option of a telephonic hearing.”

Officials say live, phoned-in appeals present logistical and manpower hurdles, a view that Green does not dispute.

“There are practical problems with it that are real, which are causing us to look at this other approach.”

His other approach is to allow for telephone appeals only for individuals who are disabled. Anyone else, under the revised plan, would be able to appeal with snail mail or online.

Amendments are being voted on this week, and a final vote could come next week.

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