By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Two new studies presented at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America indicate that today’s parents seem to be happier than people who chose not to be parents.

“These studies, what they are really doing, is showing that things even out. There used to be some thought that there was a discrepancy and what it now seems to be, is that there are different levels of happiness in different phases of people’s lives,” says Psychiatrist and CEO for Council for Relationships Dr. Brendan Greer.

Holly is not a parent. She was at Franklin Square Park with her niece Brinley. She’s happy with her choice.

“Some people are happier then others. Some parents are stressed out, especially with little kids and no sleep.”

She gets to play with her adorable niece whom she loves Michelle and then, “I give her back! Sometimes that’s the best part…giving her back!”

Craig Waxman is the proud dad of six-month-old Cooper (photo). He agrees with the survey.

“I can totally see that. I know my life has changed so much in the last six months…definitely for the better.”