By Natasha Brown and Jim Melwert

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WARRINGTON, Pa. (CBS) – It was a frightening couple of hours for neighbors who were displaced from their homes while investigators try to get to the root of three explosive devices that were found inside a home.

“My main concern was to get everybody out safely,” neighbor Lynn Donohue said.

There was little time to think when residents in this normally quiet community were given an order to evacuate.

“And they didn’t really tell us what was wrong, just that things had been found, an object had been found and it was better to just leave,” Donohue said. “They were doing it for our protection.”

The ATF, Philadelphia Bomb Squad and Warrington Police converged at 1815 Saddle Drive, responding to a 9-1-1 call from the property owner.

Investigators say she had been away and returned home to find an explosive device in the kitchen.

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“In this particular case, it would be something similar to a pipe bomb,” Sam Rabadi of the ATF said. “There were two additional suspected devices located in other parts of the house, but the one that was called in was initially in the kitchen.”

The pipe bombs were diffused and removed from the house along with bags of evidence and scores of rifles and firearms.

A man in his 50s, who Rabadi says shares the home with his mother who is in her 70s, is being sought after for questioning, he has been identified as John Grzminski.

“We have a person of interest that we are attempting to locate so we can speak to them.”

Relieved neighbors poured back into their homes after a tense two hours. Many, including David McClain, still holding on to a sense of fear.

“In one sense, you feel kind of relieved because they found it before anybody got hurt. But in another sense, it’s scary because I live 100 feet from the house.”

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