By Mark Abrams

Philadelphia police say a teenager is in custody, charged with rape for the alleged assault of a female student inside Germantown High School last Friday.

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Special Victims Unit Capt. John Darby says it happened near a stairwell leading to the basement of the school on Friday about 7:45 a.m.

He says the two freshman students, who knew each other, were seen talking at the top of the steps. At some point, Darby says, the boy went down the steps to the basement area and the girl followed.

Darby says she was forcibly raped and assaulted near the stairwell..

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“She was able at some point to escape, to get away from the individual, from the offender, composed herself, attempted to proceed to her first class of the day. But ultimately, at some point during that first class, the victim basically broke down.”

Darby says the victim told the teacher what had happened and both the school police and Philadelphia police were called.

He says the teen suspect surrendered to police Tuesday morning and is facing a laundry list of serious charges.

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