By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After settlement negotiations ended Tuesday night, the families of the Duck Boat crash victims spoke through their translator, continuing their push for justice and demanding the two boat operators apologize for the deaths of their children.

Standing in Center City’s Westin Hotel Tuesday night were the families of the two victims. Their translator and attorney, Peter Ronai, says they want Ride the Ducks and K-Sea, the two boat operators involved, to take responsibility for the crash.

“It was an avalanche of mistakes, one after the other. And for these corporations to say that they’re not to blame, that they’ve done nothing wrong, is disgusting.”

While faulting the companies, Ronai says the families accepted the apology from Matthew Devlin, the tug’s first mate who was sentenced to a year in prison. But he says the companies never apologized, and that’s what the families want.

“They’re not really concerned about the money. Up to this point, none of the corporations have offered their condolences or said sorry.”

He says that unless there is a settlement Wednesday morning, the families are scheduled to fly back to Hungary and return for the decision.

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