By Oren Liebermann

PAOLI, Pa. (CBS) – Eliza Gresh’s family prays they can one day see the Chester County native smile again.

“She’s opening her eyes you know, she’s twitching her eyebrows, she’s moving. You know these are all positive signs so we’re continuing to hold hope that she’ll continue to improve,” said Perry Gresh.

The University of Miami freshman was crossing the street on Friday, April 27 when police say a hit and run driver plowed into Gresh as she crossed the street, then sped off. Police started looking for the car – a Mercedes Benz – and the driver Luis Moya, 24.

“I would like him caught. I would like him to pay for his crimes and then find himself on a one way trip back to wherever he came from,” said Gresh.

The car showed up at an auto body shop a week later, but not with Luis. Behind the wheel was Moya’s mom, Zoila. She told the shop owner she had gotten into an accident, but the shop owner recognized the car from police descriptions and called investigators.

Police took Zoila into custody and kept looking for Luis.

Officers got in touch with Luis Moya through his mother and told him if he did not turn himself in, they would arrest his mother and charge her with filing false and fraudulent insurance claims. Moya told them to go ahead and arrest her.

Gresh remains in the hospital in a coma.

Luis Moya has received 42 traffic tickets in the last five years, including tickets for reckless and careless driving.