By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – When the Flyers skate against the Jersey Devils tonight, fans will be ready for a break in the action, to check out the ‘Dancing Guy,’ on Phanovision.

Shawny Hill, a 26-year-old admittedly ‘big guy,’ is the in-arena host for the Flyers, but up in section 219 during home games, he moonlights as the Dancing Guy.

“Every third period in one of the TV time outs, they play a song and show me on the Jumbotron. I bust a move to get a nice crowd reaction, so when that puck drops out of commercial, we get a nice energy going.”

Reporter: “Do you have a routine planned, or just ad lib it?”

Hill: “I just go freestyle and a whole lot of rhythm. It’s energy.”

“I like to imitate. For a sprinkler, I take one of my arms and bend it, and the other one extends out straight, to give it a ‘ch, ch, ch’ look. The lawnmower, I grip the handle with two hands, I pull the string, as anyone knows, starting a lawnmower, and walk about.”

Reporter: “Shouldn’t you be, like 150-pounds, considering the aerobic workout you get up there?”

“You have to remember, it’s 30 seconds at a time, 44 games a year. That’s not much of a workout.”