By Dayn Perry

(CBS) – FOX color man Tim McCarver had this to say:

“There is nothing in my view more disturbing than social networking — nothing.”

On the one hand, I get it. McCarver is 70 years old, and for a person of his age and breeding, things like Twitter and Facebook are bound to seem bizarre. If I’m fortunate enough to match McCarver’s years, then I’m sure I’ll be pretty grouchy about and nonplussed by whatever the younger demographics are doing at any given time. I say that without any sneering or condescension.

On the other, stronger hand, though, McCarver’s being a little too emphatic for his own good. Yes, he was speaking (one assumes) extemporaneously, but he goes to pains to emphasize that “nothing” in his purview is as “disturbing” as “social networking,” which I take to mean social media in all its forms.

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