3/20/12 by Chris Stigall  –

One of President Obama’s most prominent supporters, Oprah Winfrey is slashing 20% of the workforce at her new cable channel OWN.  She personally terminated the employees this week, including Rosie O’Donnell.  Lack of viewers and loss of revenue was to blame.

This really disappoints me.  I thought all good liberals understood that when times get tough, when growth is stymied, when jobs are needed the last thing you do is cut costs.

You “invest” in the future.   You deficit spend— camera-ready jobs in Oprah’s case.

She’s insulting the President and his Hall-of-Fame, All Ivy-League, former-economic team.

When audience share is down, when you are up against hard times, double down on spending!   Hire your way out of this, Oprah.   It worked wonders for President Obama, so why aren’t you deficit spending?   Afraid of a little bankruptcy?  Come on, hire up and watch your ratings go through the roof.  You haven’t busted enough budgets to see the results.  Spend, baby spend!

Instead, Big Oprah like all the other Wall Street fat-cats is putting profits before people.

For shame.

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