By Tiffany Bucciarelli
This winter may have been fairly mild with cold temperatures, but the wind and dry air from indoor heating leaves many of us with dry, dull, limp hair. Here are a few ways, suggested by Giovanni & Pileggi Salon, to add new life to your hair:

– Treat your tresses to a conditioning treatment

Top off your next hair appointment with a conditioning treatment that addresses your hair issues. For about $20 extra, your hair will thank you!

– Try a hair gloss

A hair gloss is a quick, easy (and temporary) way to boost shine and add dimension! Choose a colored gloss for a shine and color boost or a clear gloss for super shine!

– Pick the right products

Sulfate-free products are ideal, especially if you wash frequently, as they won’t strip your hair. The G Mele Anti-Aging hair care is sulfate-free and designed to replenish key nutrients that hair loses through daily wear and tear and over time.

– Take a break from hot tools

The Spring 2012 runways were full of hair trends that can easily be achieved without any hot tools. From the “damp” look and textured, unkempt “urban waves” to a variety of pretty ponytails and braids, who wouldn’t want to try looks like these?

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