By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – To mark the one year anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, a Temple University professor collaborated to create a song and animated video to encourage those who are still dealing with its aftermath.

“‘Fukkatsu No Uta,” that’s the Japanese title. The English translation is ‘The Song of Rising.'”

Temple grad Naoko Masuda says the idea for the song came a few weeks after the tsunami, when she and a few friends hosted a Japanese-style party for Temple professor Jack Klotz. When the group told Klotz how the disaster impacted their families and friends in Japan, Klotz, who is also a musician, says he was moved.

“Our new friends’ story made all those horrific images we were seeing last year, it gave them all a more personal quality. We wanted to send a message, you know, don’t give up! You can get through this. ”

So Klotz worked with Masuda and her friends from Japan to produce the song. Masuda then worked to create an animated video that translates the Japanese lyrics.

“It’s important for people who are really affected by it to know that people outside of Japan pay attention to what’s still going on,” says Masuda.

Klotz and Masuda say they hope to use the song and video to get donations for Temple Japan students affected by the disaster. To watch the video, visit

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