By Brad Segall

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — A West Chester company says that corporations and governments looking to hold the line on rising health care costs should consider implementing wellness programs in the workplace, which can cut costs and increase worker productivity.

Wellworks for You” works with companies to design and manage corporate wellness programs that fit the demographic needs of each group.

By engaging employees in incentive-based programs and implementing a preventable model of health care, says Well Works president Tom Tegler, companies can reduce absenteeism, cut workers compensation claims, and increase productivity.

“Now you’re getting employees to the doctor early to catch things before they become a chronic condition,” he advises, “so the more your employees are going to get the preventative care done, the lower your prescription costs are going to be, the lower the utilization of high-cost medical treatments.”

Well Works recently rolled out a new, interactive pedometer that plugs into your computer’s USB port and works in conjunction with their online platform. It records your daily walking steps, aerobic activity, and calories burned. That information can then be uploaded into a computer program that tracks your progress.