By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Hey, don’t put that snow shovel away just yet. Whether or not we get piles more of the white stuff you know what a snow shovels’ pretty good for? Cleaning up lots of little things in the garden.

Trying to clear away smaller stuff is sometimes a very frustrating chore: like loads of holly leaves, which are pinchy to pick up and slip easily through rake’s tines, not to mention all the holly berries sampled, squashed and dropped by squirrels, or the barrels of acorns, beechnuts, and pinecones scattered under trees. And all those teensy twigs, blown down by winter winds that are lying all over the lawn. Lots of little, light garden litter that can be a pain to pick up is often easier to scoop into a plastic snow shovel – so you can pour it into a leaf bag, or load into a wheelbarrow and cart to the compost heap.

Even potting soil or sand you spilled in the garage can be cleaned up faster by sweeping it into a snow shovel. And if we’re lucky, that’s all you’ll need to use it for the rest of this year.