By Brad Segall

UPPER SALFORD, Pa (CBS) — Despite the mild winter, business was booming during President’s Day weekend at Spring Mountain Ski Area in Montgomery County.

What Mother Nature hasn’t been able to produce this winter — the machines have.

Spring Mountain Ski owner Rick Buckman said they can make snow when the nighttime temperature falls to 27 or 28 degrees.

The challenge this year, he said, has been convincing skiers that they’re open because it’s been so warm. And in ski lingo what’s it like…

“Right now, there’s probably between a 20 and 35 inch base and it’s machine groomed,” said Buckman. “Which means that the machines were out this morning and groomed the whole mountain.”

And the warmer temperatures didn’t seem to bother the kids?

12-year-old Nick Opperman hit the slopes with his friends on the day off from school on Monday.

“It does seem like it’s really warm out, but still it’s better than nothing,” said Opperman. “There’s snow and if you like to do it you’re going to come out in whatever weather they have.”

The ski season at Spring Mountain runs through mid-March.

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