By John Ostapkovich

Philadelphia (CBS) – The path to better brain function is the subject of a new six-step guidebook.

Cornell Dr. Eric Braverman, author of “Younger Brain, Sharper Mind”, says that while our modern environment does contribute to mental decline, perhaps the largest factor is that for millennia people died in their thirties and now it’s their seventies or later. He got his start in science at age 17 when his mother got him a job at the Princeton Brain Research Center.

“Thirty-seven years later and seeing every single fad come and go. You know they say that computer games will make you smarter. There is no one easy technique, but there are cornerstones everywhere. Cornerstones are: tea’s your main beverage. Spices always have to be fresh. You can’t get by without fresh fruits and vegetables. You can’t get by without massive amounts of exercise,” said Braverman.

He says the brain has been the missed organ in terms of optimizing how it works, but his techniques provide a totally new brain health approach.

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