By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The controversy, the glory, the man. 94 WIP covered it all in their retrospective of the life of former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno.

Glen Macnow and Rob Charry took to the airwaves on Tuesday night to talk about Paterno, a day before his funeral in State College. There was plenty of praise and questions without answers.

A man who speculated on an answer was David Jones, columnist for the Harrisburg Patriot News, who covered Joe Paterno from 1991 until his death.

When asked about the Sandusky situation, Jones said, “I have what I’d call a well educated viewpoint that I can’t express, let’s put it like that. I have a very strong opinion on what I think might have happened, but I can’t prove it.” Jones continued, “I think you could say that he didn’t do enough, and he admitted he didn’t do enough. In 2002 when the shower incident happened with Mike McQueary, you have to consider what was going on then. They had gone through two of those four losing seasons that you were talking about, Glen. Never had two losing seasons in a row. If you were going to construe some sort of case for a cover-up, there would have been a lot incentive to do that. And you could also make the case that, what something like that coming out could possibly do to recruiting.”

Michael Zordich, former Penn State player and former coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, whose son currently plays for Penn State, spoke about Paterno as well. “It’s really not football, it’s really the life lessons he teaches you,” he said. “He’s such a genuine person, he led by example in life”

Listen to the full special, including Paterno career highlights, comments from Lavar Arrington, and much more: