By Walt Hunter

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are hoping the public can identify the man seen in a surveillance video preying on women in a South Philadelphia parking garage.

Each attack has taken place inside the parking garage of the Marine Club Apartments complex on the 1100 block of South Broad Street.

The man can be seen meticulously planning each attack, in one case he’s seen hiding behind a pillar to avoid being seen in the headlights of an oncoming car, the next hiding behind a wall, safely out of view from anyone driving into the garage.

“He ambushes all of his victims as they’re exiting their vehicles,” said Philadelphia Police Capt. Laurence Nodiff.

The first attack was reported in September 2011, and the latest was reported last Thursday.

According to police, the suspect takes advantage of the 45 seconds it takes the metal garage door to close, to simply walk in after a car enters.

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“He robs them, generally at the point of knife, sometimes a threat of violence,” said Nodiff.

Resident Dan Kramer said that he was the victim of a robbery in the same garage, claiming someone stole the luggage rack from the roof of his vehicle.

“They just robbed us, took the roof rack right from the top of the car in the garage,” said Kramer.

In one video, police say the man can be seen wiping fingerprints from the door with his jacket.

There have been no injuries reported; however with each increasing threat of violence, police feel they need to act swiftly in getting this man off the streets.

Police are urging everyone, but specifically women to be more vigilant in paying attention to their surroundings in the area.

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Anyone with information is asked to contact the Philadelphia Police Department.