By John Ostapkovich

Philadelphia (CBS) – There’s a different sort of community service event on Monday, marking Martin Luther King Day. It’s e-cycling, as in recycling for electronics.

This project by Keep Philadelphia Beautiful, Waste Management and LG Electronics wants the high tech stuff that’s gone from the latest to the dust-covered to be dropped off Monday morning at Girard College in North Philadelphia.

There says executive director Phoebe Coles it’ll be plucked from your car by volunteers and eventually deconstructed, its plastics, circuitry and other parts re-used or disposed of safely. Coles says this is a preview of a law coming next year putting e-cycling responsibilities on firms and individuals.

“On the consumer end, it basically says that consumers can no longer put covered electronics out curbside in the trash, so you’re not going to be able to put your old cell phones, your old TV’s, all of that, on the curb for the Streets Department to pick up.”

Acceptable items for the eCycling events are:
Computers – CPUs
Computer monitors
Computer peripherals
Fax machines
Home and office phones
Cell phones
Consumer electronics

Unacceptable items for the eCycling events are:
Smoke alarms and detectors
Fire alarms and detectors
Large appliances (refrigerators, etc.)
Non-decontaminated medical equipment
Any unit with sludge or liquids