By Elizabeth Hur and Dray Clark

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The company that owns the bus in which an expensive violin was left on Tuesday contacted authorities Friday saying they have located a violin, according to Philadelphia Police.

However, it is not confirmed if this is indeed the rare instrument, valued at about $172,000, that was accidentally left behind by Muchen Hsieh, who is studying music in Boston.

The unique violin was made in 1835 in Naples Italy and went missing Tuesday night after it was last seen on a Megabus at 29th and Market Streets.

Hsieh said, “They told me they cleaned the bus and they didn’t see anything.”

The 18-year-old took the bus to Philadelphia from Boston. The gifted musician was selected by a Taiwanese Foundation to further her skills as a violinist in the United States, and the prize was the rare violin.

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The fatigued student is visiting Philadelphia and says unfortunately, she got off the bus late Tuesday with the violin still in the overhead bin. Authorities are seeking the public’s help in locating the instrument.

“We’re looking to see if someone may have picked this item up accidentally. It’s in a reddish case with two straps on the back,” said Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Hsieh added, “I’m a violin major, so I really hope that the person that took it can give it back to me so I can continue my studies, because right now, I can’t do anything.”

The violin is insured, but again, it is irreplaceable.

The instrument bears the original label of its maker: Vincenco Jorio 1835 Vi CM Post #9901 with the serial number: Nr.V310.

Police say the violin can be returned to any police station in the city, no questions asked. In the meantime, it is still unconfirmed whether the violin the Megabus company found on Friday is Hsieh’s.

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