5:46 Pat Toomey has proposed a bill to protect street signs in Lower Merion.

6:10 Mitt Romney was on Bill O’Reilly’s show last night discussing the Presidential Campaign and Barack Obama’s first term.

6:17 Ron Paul may win the Iowa Caucus and that is worrying the Republican establishment.

ron paul Stigall Show Log 12.20.11

Ron Paul (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

6:42 Philadelphia City Council has banned restaraunts from using tips placed on credit cards to pay transaction fees.

7:10 The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has removed Philadelphia Traffic Court Judge Michael Sullivan amid corruption charges.

7:43 Mitt Romney was on the David Letterman Show last night reading the Top Ten List.

8:10 Chris talks to Congressman Pat Meehan about Speaker of the House John Boehner’s decision not to schedule a vote on the payroll tax extension that passed the Senate.

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