By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Tis the season for buying gifts! With more and more people shopping online, where do those packages wind up getting shipped too?

UPS spokesman Tom Farrell says our buying habits create many more busy days for his colleagues the week of Christmas then in years past.

“Our peak season isn’t down to one or two days like it used to be. It’s now over a week where we see five or more days where we expect to deliver 25 million packages or more.”

These packages have to go somewhere. Carla says she can’t ship them to her house “for fear that my neighbors will steal it and I won’t actually get the package.”

Durham: “So where do you ship the packages too?”

Carla: “My job.”

Durham: “Work is okay with that?”

Carla:” Yes, absolutely. I tip the mail guy really good. He brings it right to my desk, I sign for it and no problem!”

Marilyn has a different strategy, she ships gifts.

“To my daughter’s. Because I’m at work, she works from home and so it’s just convenient to ship to her home.”

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