PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The numbers are certainly staggering. We have been reporting that over 500 million people may be affected by diabetes by the year 2030 and even if we are able to encourage people to diet and exercise, it is clear that we will only be able to stem that tide a small bit. So it is becoming increasingly important to help people live with diabetes and there is no doubt that this can impact all areas of life.

For instance, exercise. We know that regular exercise is a cornerstone of treating type2 diabetes.

There are numerous issues associated with difficulty for diabetics exercising but rather than go into all of these specifics I would rather focus on what the American College of Sports Medicine is recommending. They are saying that we need to be more realistic. In other words, encourage diabetics to begin and maintain a simple program with lots of walking on a consistent basis. This is not to say that more cannot be done, but to take a common sense approach.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio Medical Editor

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