PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some members of the “Occupy Philadelphia” protest group have pitched a tent on federal ground in front of Independence Hall, in clear view of tourists visiting the historic district.

There are signs posted near the tent that read, “We are the 99 percent,” “I still believe in freedom,” and “This is a test of the free speech system!”

Chris Goldstein (at left in photo below) is with the public relations working group for Occupy Philadelphia.

“We are doing our own free speech system experiment here.  We are in the ‘free speech’ area of  the Independence National Historic Park and we are next to the First Amendment written into granite,” he notes, “and so we are on a piece of property that really honors the First Amendment more than anywhere else in the country.”

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(Credit: John McDevitt)


The National Park Service says the group, which calls itself “Occupy 1776,” obtained a permit and can renew it for up to 14 consecutive days.  Camping is prohibited, so no sleeping inside the tent.

Members take shifts at the tent, which they say has become a symbol of the movement.

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio 1060