PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  Graffiti and the overall condition of the metal boxes are the reasons the city has posted orange confiscation notices on hundreds of honor boxes in Old City and Center City, which follow code 9-211 of the Philadelphia code.

“We actually do post and sticker them that they’re in violation and there’s a time for compliance,” explained Fran Burns, Philadelphia’s Licenses and Inspection Commissioner. “We will be back out to reinspect and see if the graffiti was removed or if the owner took the right steps to rectify the situation.”

If the owners do not take care of the problem, Burns said they will give notice that they will confiscate the boxes and remove them.

Burns added that just a handful of boxes were removed in recent months because most owners comply when notified of the violation.

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio 1060