By Chris Stigall

5:40 Chris is looking forward to tweeting live during the GOP Debate in Las Vegas tonight.  Anderson Cooper will be moderating.

cooper Stigall Show Log 10.18.11

5:46 Digging into Herman Cain’s past  has so far uncovered a substantial amount of singing.

6:10 Chris is appalled that the woman charged with kidnapping and imprisoning mentally challenged adults only got 8 years for killing a man by starvation 30 years ago.

images Stigall Show Log 10.18.11

6:41 George Will does not like the proposed plan to change Pennsylvania’s electoral vote system from winner take all.

 6:56 Harry Belefonte was caught sleeping on camera during a live TV interview

7:11 China tends to agree with some of the Occupy movement’s points about Wall Street.

7:40 Ron Paul unveiled his budget plan which would dramatically reduce the size of government.

8:10 Chris suggests he could find the Occupy kids jobs, but doubts they would take them.

8:40 President Obama tells a crowd in Asheville, NC that the GOP’s plan is dirtier air and water.

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