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    11:00 PM - 11:40 PM
By Chris Stigall

5:40 The Occupy protests continued over the weekend, but Chris does not believe the kids will go down in history with our founding fathers.

5:47 Chris is taking credit for the Eagles win over the Redskins this weekend.

6:10 President Obama and Attorney General Holder do not have their stories straight on Fast and Furious.

6:40 Ray Didinger of CSN Philly joins Chris to breakdown the Eagles win and the rest of the NFL.

539w Stigall Show Log 10.17.11

7:10 Chris talks to Michael Bronstein and Rich Zeoli about Hermain Cain’s viability, Romney’s support in the Republican party and the Occupy protests on this week’s Monday Morning Matchup.

7:40 Chris admires Herman Cain’s positive can-do attitude and ability to think on his feet and keep things simple.  Cain demonstrated these attributes over the weekend at a Tea Party rally.


8:10 The Occupy movement believes it is on par with other historic social movements.

8:40 Chris points out there are jobs available for those who want to work them.




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