CHESTER HEIGHTS, Pa. (CBS) – With Halloween just around the corner, many are getting into the spirit of things with ghost hunts. KYW’s John McDevitt joined a paranormal investigation team at an old mansion in Chester Heights, Delaware County.

Ghost hunting equipment (Credit: John McDevitt)

Electromagnetic field meters, temperature guns, k-2 meters, these are just some of the equipment that was used in the ghost hunt lead by Laurie Hull, the director of Tri-County Paranormal. The psychic investigator was going over the gadgets with the group of about 20 who were all anxious to break up into teams and explore the three-story Victorian mansion and wooded grounds.

“There are friendly ghosts here. I mean some of them feel a little bit heavy like maybe they’re like a little bit upset or impatient with us.”

McDevitt: There are children here right?

“Yes, there are children here Timothy and Annette.”

Orbs are seen in this photo: There are 2 questionable images one on woman's shoulder the other is smaller near the center of photograph. (Credit: John McDevitt)

While in an attic room, one participant asked out loud if a spirit could make a noise. It was not audible to the human ear at first, but when a digital recording was played back, there was something else that appeared. It sounded like there was an answer of “not yet”.

There were unexplained light anomalies that were captured by participants in several photographs.

You can hear portions of the ghost hunt in this CBS Philly ‘At Your Leisure’ podcast…

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Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio