5:42 Internal Jusctice Department memos show Attorney General Eric Holder was aware of the Fast and Furious project earlier than he indicated in his tesitmony before Congress.

6:11 Barbara Walters and Sherri Shepherd had an awkward converstation discussing race on The View.

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6:16 Herman Cain may end up being the loser in the controversy surrounding the name of Rick Perry’s hunting ground.

6:42 Chris talks to Robb Reichard, Executive Director of the AIDS Fund about the Philly AIDS Walk.

6:55 George Soros says he sympathizes with the Occupy Wall Street Sympathizers.


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7:10 Hank Williams Jr.’s performance was pulled from Monday Night Football after comparing President Obama to Hitler.

7:56 Fast and Furious may be President Obama’s Watergate.

8:10 Chris talks to Matt Broulliette of the Commonwealth Foundation about privatizing Pennsylvania’s State Liquor Stores. Check out letfreedomdrink.com

8:40 Chris talks to CBS News Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen on the successful appeal and release of Amanda Knox.

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