csi exhibit CSI: The Experience   About The Exhibit

As visitors enter CSI: The Experience, they take on the role of forensic scientists and are directed into a crime scene and challenged to identify and gather evidence. Once complete, they analyze those findings in two highly interactive labs, each featuring multiple stations that allow for a variety of evidence testing.

Visitors get one last look under the skin as the medical examiner goes over their case in the autopsy room. Finally, they use the scientific information gathered throughout the exhibit to answer a series of questions on touch screens. After completing the survey, a case summary is generated and they can compare their scientific findings to those of expert crime scene investigators.

CSI: The Experience was designed and developed for the Science Museum Exhibit Collaborative (SMEC) by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, CBS Consumer Products and the National Science Foundation. The Franklin Institute is a fellow partner of SMEC. For more information about the exhibit, please visit www.fi.edu/csi/.

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