By Lesley Van Arsdall

First it was the concussion… and now it’s his hand.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will likely play Sunday (because really, how often do we hear about players missing games because of bruises, plus the injury is to his non- throwing hand.)

Still, you have to question how durable he is going to be this season. It’s only been three games and he’s already been injured twice.

As much as he is knocked around, how much is he going to be able to play this year?

Even Vick says “something catastrophic is going to happen.” Of course, Vick was referring to the refs not making the calls that resulted in him taking too many late hits.

While the refs may be partially to blame, what about his teammates, whose job it is to protect him?

I agree with Vick, if things don’t change something “catastrophic” could happen.

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