By Robin Culverwell

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The latest technology means we don’t have to leave our desks to talk to colleagues or even attend meetings. But there are ways to stay fit even if you’re stuck inside and at a desk from nine to five year ’round.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but all that emailing, typing, Skyping and talking on the phone keeps us tethered to our desk.

And research shows that, as a result, we’re burning fewer calories than we did even a few decades ago.

Temple University fitness coordinator Crista McKenzie says there are lots of ways to add exercise to your work day. One idea?  Walk while talking on a wireless headset.

“Not only would you be burning calories, but you’d be more energized and your phone call could be more productive, because you’re stimulating your brain just by walking around.”

McKenzie says also, “You can bring small weights to your cubicle, even sit on a stability ball instead of a chair, but” the single best thing to do is walk.

“Whether it’s inside your building, especially when it gets colder out, or just walking around the block, adding 500 steps to your day, you could lose two pounds a year.”

Reported by Robin Culverwell, KYW Newsradio 1060

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