By Seth Everett

Lost in the shuffle of the Eagles’ loss was the Saturday night celebration for the Phillies. They clinched the division in dramatic fashion, and it was a great night to be a fan.

I have 1 quick note about the celebration, and then we can move on. The best part was when the players got in the clubhouse, they all grabbed bottles of champagne or another drink of choice. They shook them, put goggles on, and then….. waited.

They did what they’ve done in years past. They waited for Hunter Pence & any new guys to join the fray before the corks were popped. An initiation of sorts.

They honor the past. Since 1991, only 3 teams have won the NL East. The Braves did it 14 years in a row. 2006 was the year the Mets thought the tide had turned. But in 2007, Jimmy Rollins made a statement, the Phillies made up 7 games with 17 to play, and the greatest era in this franchise’s long history was upon us.

That 5 year run has 1 World Series. That’s the same amount of titles the Braves got in their 14 year run. I do think another World Series will actually belittle that team’s run. Not taking anything away from them, but 2 titles in 5 years makes a different statement.

I spoke about this celebration with KYW’s Matt Leon Monday afternoon.

There was 1 thing missing from Saturday night. Jack O’Rourke, a true radio icon, passed away at the ballpark Friday night. (see related story) As a matter of fact, the day started with all the talk about Jack. I went into the clubhouse, and they were discussing him. It was also all that was going on in the press box as well.

I heard that story backwards. I saw on Twitter, than heard on KYW, that Jack had passed away. Only when I got to the ballpark, did I learn about his collapse in the press box after filing his reports and getting clubhouse interviews. He was a great man.

Phillies need September to be over, and that bullpen needs to get back on track. All topics for fun discussion this week, as the regular season winds down.

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