By Seth Everett

The Phillies had a 5-0 record this week after the Hurricanes cancelled Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, they moved to 42 games over .500 for the 1st time in franchise history. An impressive accomplishment, but let’s not pop champagne just yet.

I’m not trying to minimize this accomplishment, but I’ve seen regular season accolades mean absolutely nothing for a team with post-season aspirations.

This pennant race is over. I appreciate the constant updates on the Braves’ games, but they aren’t catching the Phillies, and even more, they aren’t losing their wild card position. Atlanta is a credible threat to the Phillies quest for a National League pennant, but not in the regular season.

Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels, are all going to receive Cy Young consideration. Halladay is actually the favorite for the award.

There is talk about Shane Victorino for the MVP award. I actually do not think he will win this award, as Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder, & Matt Kemp are all having MVP-type seasons. Shane has been outstanding, but again, this should not be a priority for fans.

I covered the 2001 Seattle Mariners. They won 116 games, and lost in the ALCS to the hated-Yankees. Ask any Mariner fan – they would trade 30 of those wins for the World Series ring.

I have actually received these questions on the radio, and its made me wish for it to be October 1st already. That’s the 1st day of the NLDS. My guess is that unless things change wildly, Game 1 will be vs. Arizona and then the fun starts.

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