By Dr. Brian McDonough

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – I don’t know how many of you felt the earthquake last week but I know most of you are aware of the hurricane. Fortunately it did not cause nearly as much damage as it potentially could have. But within a few hours after the event I heard several reports which described the things that could have occurred.

Being a family physician and trained to think of preventive medicine I realized just how unprepared I personally was in the event of a disaster like this. Living on the East Coast we don’t think much about earthquakes . But even one of the simplest first steps hiding under a desk or standing in a doorway which provides protection in an earthquake is foreign to me.

I am not saying that we become earthquake experts but I do think we need to be more prepared for problems like earthquakes, hurricanes and even simple power outages. Prevention can go a long way when it comes to our overall health and safety.

Reported By Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio Medical Editor

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