CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — Caution tape has been put up in front of the front entrance to Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center over fears the statue may fall after sustaining damage during Tuesday’s earthquake.

The earthquake damaged the 30-foot, five-ton statue of the Mother Mary that sits on top of the building and there is a fear it could fall down.

Structural engineers are coming on Wednesday to determine if the statue of the Mother Mary is in danger of crashing down.

You can see what looks like a crack just to the right of the rosary beads.

“Someone said they thought it shifted. I actually went to the top of the roof and looked at the structure myself,” Alexander Hatala, CEO of Our lady of Lourdes Medical Center said.

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He says the 30 foot structure was built in layers or segments, like a wedding cake.

“One of those segments shifted one to two inches,” he said.

Bricks came tumbling down off the front of a synagogue in Burlington. The earthquake rattled it hard enough to damage the building’s flat roof.

In Haddonfield Surveillance cameras from inside the PJ Whelihans captured the lights swaying as the ground shook. People inside can be seen heading for the door.

“We were sitting in the office ourselves, you can feel the room just starting to go side to side. The whole room was just shaking,” General Manager Craig Keating said.

Part of an abandoned building in Camden also crumbled to the ground.

Neighbors near 5th and Walnut Streets couldn’t believe the power of the 5.9 magnitude earthquake.

“I felt the house swaying and I lost my balance, that’s when I heard my brother yell ‘the house is falling’,” said a Camden resident. “As soon as he said hat, I heard a big crash.”

Despite some structural damage to buildings across South Jersey, there were no reports of any serious injuries.

Reported by Todd Quinones, CBS 3