PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — City leaders say violent flash mobs running through the streets of Philadelphia will not be tolerated.

“We’re not going to put up with this nonsense and we’re going to have a holistic response,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said.

Eyewitness News has learned that means — many community and city leaders — will also be in Center City this weekend, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity.

“Obviously we have our role and we’re going to live up to that, but in order to have a lasting solution, it’s got to go beyond police,” says Ramsey.

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Only Eyewitness News was there Thursday night at a closed door meeting as law enforcement and city leaders met with clergy and community members.

“These folks are going to step up and said this weekend they will be downtown standing with us on the various corners making sure that where adults are and young people are, they can all be safe,” Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison said.

Gregory Corbin, founder of the Philly Youth Poetry Movement, is one of those community members who will stand side by side with police officers at either Love Park, the clothespin statue or South Street — to be a visual deterrent to any unruly activity.

“I’ll be out there as long as they need me. And I’ll also be extending that same invitation to some of my friends out there and other leaders that I know who will be out about it too,” said Corbin.

Reported by Dave Huddleston, CBS 3