5:40 Republicans who oppose John Boehner’s plan are playing into President Obama’s hands.

6:42 The Eagles have released all of their unrestricted free agents, including Kicker, David Akers.

david akers Stigall Show Log 7.27.11

6:48 Calorie counts on menus are not having a huge impact on consumer choices.

7:11 A FOX 29 Reporter was attacked by an animal hoarder during a live report.

7:17 Michele Bachmann has spent $4,700 in hair and makeup since joining the Presidential Race.

michele bachmann Stigall Show Log 7.27.11

7:29 Wade Sanders, a retired Navy Captain who defended John Kerry against the swift boat attacks in 2004, is now in prison serving a 37-month sentence for posession of child pornography.

7:57 The PA LCB is antiquated and inconvenient.

8:10 Chris talks to Phillies Radio Play-by-Play Announcer Scott Franzke about last night’s win over the Giants and Chase Utley’s inside-the-park homerun.

chase utley2 Stigall Show Log 7.27.11

8:40 Chris talks to FOX Business Host Gerri Willis about his appearance on her show last night.

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