This week, Jay Lloyd recalls a getaway fantasy and considers the possibility of real getaways that may seem like fantasies.

by Jay Lloyd
KYW Newsradio 1060

It was 1968, and I signed up for Pan American Airways’ first flight to the moon — blastoff date unknown. I was number 70,660 on the waiting list — I still have my card (photo).

(Jay Lloyd, sailing in the Caribbean.)

That was pure fantasy.  But in the intervening years other fantasies have turned to reality: riding in the Bicentennial wagon train, sailing on a re-creation of the 1492 Columbus voyage, sailing in the wake of explorers and pirates in the Caribbean (right).

These and more are getaways that became attainable.

While space flight may remain the fantasy, active getaway seekers can test their own boundaries on adventures that last a lifetime.

It starts with local flying, sailing, scuba diving, horseback riding, and ski schools that can be located on the web.

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(The Bicentennial Wagon Train passes through Exton, Pa. Photo provided by Sean McGlinch)

And that can open the door to an endless series of adventures: helicopter skiing or backwoods fishing in Canada, summer cattle herding in the West, dog sledding in Alaska, or diving in crystal clear Caribbean waters.

Fantasy can become reality!  Give it a try.

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