PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We all know E-ZPass can save you time at the tolls, but it can also save you money with special discounts. Still, some changes have just gone into effect. 3 On Your Side’s Jim Donovan guides you through the confusion.

When it comes to paying a toll, many drivers think E-ZPass is the way to go.

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“I just figured, you know, it’ll be a little easier versus digging in the console and trying to find that five dollars,” said one man.

E-ZPass moves you through the tolls faster and, in some cases, can even save you money. Driver Kathy Palasch said, “My husband just turned 65, so we went on to a senior program. We get a discount for the bridge.”

But figuring out who is eligible for what discount and when can often lead to confusion.

“I thought with the discount, if you got a discount, it would be with any of them,” said one man.

Some give you discounts, some don’t.

AAA Mid-Atlantic says part of the problem is that people think of E-ZPass as one giant agency. “It’s not,” said AAA’s Jim Lardear. “It’s just a conglomeration of 24 different agencies within 14 states.”

In most cases the discounts depend on which of those agencies issued your E-ZPass transponder.

“We believe that all E-ZPass drivers should pay the same rate, no matter which road or which issuing agency gave them the transponder,” Lardear said.

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But they don’t. For example, beginning July 1, New Jersey Turnpike toll discounts were eliminated for E-ZPass drivers who didn’t get their transponder from New Jersey E-ZPass.

In Pennsylvania, Lardear explained, “The Pennsylvania Turnpike affords a discount to everybody who uses E-ZPass,” no matter where you got the transponder, and that comes out to be around a 7% savings.

Some discounts require that you sign up. Drivers 65 and older with New Jersey E-ZPass transponders can sign up to receive a 50% discount when going over the Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin, Walt Whitman and Commodore Barry Bridges.

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Delaware Memorial Bridge commuters can enroll in some prepaid E-ZPass plans and save up to a whopping 75% off the $4 toll: Take 20 trips in 90 days and you’ll pay only $1.25 for each, or take 25 trips in 30 days and only pay $1.

By some estimates, 70% to 75% of users on any toll or bridge use some sort of electronic payment system.


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Reported by Jim Donovan, CBS 3

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