PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A study released by the University of California at San Diego has taken a look at the so-called “July Effect”, and finds that it’s real.

Now, July is the month during which new doctors, right out of medical school, begin their residencies in teaching hospitals throughout the country.  Most of these doctors are enthusiastic.  They’re ready to do a good job, but they are inexperienced.

Researchers from the U.C.S.D. analyzed more than 62-million death certificates filed between 1979 and 2006 and, according to their results, they found there were about 244-thousand medical errors.  Each month of the year roughly had the same number except July, where there was a reported 10% increase in fatal medication error.

Obviously, supervision is necessary, careful supervision for these young doctors.

Reported by Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio 1060