PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – David Leonhardt’s New York Times article titled “Even for Cashiers, College Pays Off” couldn’t be timelier because of the current debate about the necessity of a college degree.

With college graduates having a hard time finding jobs, families wonder if the debt at the end of four years is worth it. Leonhardt points out, however, that there are many less expensive colleges. We hear mostly about the elite schools.

The case against college is that it encourages kids, their parents and schools to aim low, yet a new study from Georgetown University points out that even hairdressers make more with a degree than without one.

A college education helps people do higher-skilled work, get jobs with better-paying companies, open their own businesses and appears to make people happier and healthier.

These arguments are good and for those any age with doubts, many college doors are still open for fall registration.

Reported By Dr. Marciene Mattleman, KYW Newsradio