PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The generation of young people born between 1984 and 2002 are known as “the Millenials,” according to a new book. And they are changing the focus on what’s cool and what’s not.

The book is called “Chasing Youth Culture and Getting it Right”. Author Tina Wells says this generation has grown up with computers, the internet and social networks, so that is shaping their values and views.

“Technology is almost the nucleus of their world. Everything starts and ends with technology, even if we’re talking about a book experience, doesn’t mean they don’t want to experience a real book it just means you can’t discount the importance of extras and things you can do online.”

Wells says millenials have changed the playing field on what is trendy. She says five years ago, about half of the money this generation spent on disposables went toward fashion. Today, the same amount of money is spent on having the latest technology.

Reported by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio