5:40 Extra seats have been added to the next stop on the Red Meat Tour with Ann Coulter. CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS AND TO BUY TICKETS

5:44 President Obama is telling Congress to do their job and deal with the budget and debt ceiling.

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5:48 The President’s advisors are growing increasingly worried about his re-election chances.

6:14 The Philadelphia School District says the state has shorted it $35 million.

6:18 City Council is criticizing Mayor Nutter for his veto of their paid sick leave bill.

6:28 John Lennon was a fan of Ronald Reagan according to a new documentary.

6:41 Michele Bachmann said she will not give the media a “mud wrestling match” with Sarah Palin.

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6:43 President Obama and Mitt Romney will both be in town today for fundraisers.

7:11 DRPA bridge tolls will increase to $5 starting tomorrow.

7:42 Chris talks to former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton about the war in Libya and his appearance Monday at the Independence Hall Tea Party event on the Fourth of July.

8:11 Chris talks to Gerri Willis, host of the Willis Report on Fox Business Channel, about the President’s handling of the budget and debt ceiling debate.

8:29 Politico is blaming Congressional dysfunction for impeding the President’s agenda.

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8:40 Chris talks to Comedian Joe Piscopo about the opening of his new Club Piscopo at Resorts in Atlantic City.