A reality show producer is turning the camera on herself in a unique documentary currently being filmed across the country.

Katherine Brooks, who worked on MTV’s The Osbornes and The Real World, is turning the camera on herself this summer. She says she felt lonely so she looked to the internet to connect with others:

“One night, I just had this idea and I just posted on my Facebook page, cause I have 5,000 friends on my Facebook, and I said, the first 50 people who say yes, I’m going to come to your town and I’m going to spend the day with you and I’m going to make it part of a documentary; and two months later I was on the road making it,” Brooks says.

Brooks also says the social interaction of her generation is dependent on the internet, “I did not understand how I could have 5,000 friends on Facebook and yet, it had been almost a month since I had a hug.”

So since June 5th, she’s been on the road meeting her so-called friends.

“I’ve learned how important it is to connect with people in person.”

Reported By Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio

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