By David Madden

NEW JERSEY (CBS) – Starting today, riders on the PATCO High Speed Line will find it easier to use the electronic fare-paying system that’s now in place.

Seventy percent of the line’s 37-thousand daily riders use the Freedom Card. And as of now you’ve got more options on it.

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PATCO Assistant GM Cheryl Spicer says the upgrade will, “Allow our customers to go on line at the convenience of their home and load their cards. They no longer have to come out to the stations to load their Freedom Card.”

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You can set up automatic re-loads using a credit card, if you’d like. There’s even a way to have transit benefits from your employer linked up to the smart card and you can monitor its’ day-to-day usage as well.  To get the upgrade, you’ll have to sign up — you guessed it — on the web. Go to

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060

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