PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Sometimes you just need to give plants a chance. If you yank out every little seedling you don’t recognize, you’ll get rid of all your weeds, but you’ll miss out on meeting some new flowers, too.

This year I spotted something new in my garden, so I let it flower, then got out a wildflower book to see what it might be. The Internet is great, but you can’t beat flipping through a book of drawings sorted by color and shape to find a flower fast. It turned out that the adorable little daisy-like flowers I found are a native plant known as Philadelphia Fleabane. Some fleabane is white, mine are the pink variety, I’m happy to say – cute as a button and about the same size.

People say fleabane can get invasive – but you can deadhead to keep it from reseeding. I’m happy to have these cute little native flowers in my yard, particularly since they welcome birds and bees and butterflies to stop by. So this flower was a nice find for me – and a good reminder to look before you weed.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio