5:40 Mayor Michael Nutter will appear on MSNBC this week  to talk about the school budget crisis and possibly, using the soda tax to help fill the gap.

5:59 The Mayor is also demanding that the School Superintendent open the school districts books for inspection by the city.

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6:13 Conservatives groups are trying to tie high gas and energy prices to President Obama’s energy policy.

6:26 Chris and CBS 3’s Kate Bilo handle the details surrounding rabid beaver attacks in Pennypack Park.

6:43 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tries to spin the latest job numbers.

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6:46 Supermarket Wegmans will no longer house PA LCB wine kiosks.

7:12 On this week’s Monday Morning Matchup, Chris talks to Jeff Roe and Michael Bronstein about the 2012 Republican field and whether or not the House will be in play.

7:45 Will Bunch laments the lack of outrage in Philadelphia over Mayor Michael Nutter’s re-introduction of the soda tax.

8:11 Chris talks to Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel about the weekend’s series in Pittsburgh and the decision to send John Mayberry down to AAA.

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8:40 Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum announces his bid for President with Chris.